Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Legs or Breasts?

Jules:  When it comes to the white meat it's Breast & when it comes to Women..it's Breast again...Well Breasts...well to be precise Z's Breasts. I'm obsessed with them, literally. Who wouldn't be...have you seen them? want a peek?? Humm ok ...maybe a little peek.

Mmmm didn't think I was going to let you see them straight away did you? I told Z I wouldn't leave them alone when she came over to see me...& true to my word, I didn't...not that she complained...They are beautiful, perfectly formed works of art...both nipples pierced with bars...Perfect for pulling, twisting, biting & sucking on...of which I did a lot of, trust me. 

They are my favourite pillow to bury my head in or my face when I'm hungry & my favourite twins to play with...I can never get enough of Z's yummy pair of knockers. She supposedly has a lazy nipple since it was pierced, but funnily enough it wasn't lazy once with me. My eyes light up like a kid in a candy store the minute I see them and ohhhh the hours of fun I've had with them. So yes...I think I win this argument...Breast is definitely best....well Z's is that's for sure...what do you think? 


Zena: I fell in love with your legs long before I ever met you.  I remember one morning, we were on Skype, and you went into the kitchen to cook breakfast in your sleep shirt.  The sight of your legs coming into view, longer and longer as you walked away from the camera...I think my jaw dropped.
Over the months, I'd catch peeks at them...especially when you were curled up on the couch, your long legs stretched out.  Endlessly creamy skin.  Curved and muscular and deliciously smooth.

When I met you, that first night, late, late...I remember running my hand across your hip, sliding down and around your thigh, over your knee and then around your calf.  Heaven.
I never knew I found legs so sexy, until I held yours over my shoulders and...

So, yes, boobs are nice.  I love yours.  I loved spending hours licking, sucking and biting them.  Your nipples - I can still feel them on my tongue...perfect berries to be gently nibbled.
But your legs...your legs, Madam...are beautiful, strong and sexy.  

Let's just say that I admire how your legs point the way to the sights I really want to see, taste and feel. 

And once you have seen these, I think you'll agree with me. 

So The Question This Wanton Wednesday Is...Do You Lust After Legs or Breasts? 



  1. Hmmm thats a tricky one as when it come to women I would say I lust after bottoms, perfectly peachy bottoms at that.....Now I wonder who has the best bottom> ;)


  2. I would have a very hard time making such a decision, ladies! They both look so very luscious!!

    Oh, and your link is broken on Lilly's page :s


  3. Those are indeed luscious breasts. I just LOVE pierced nipples!!! Those are wonderful legs as well. I would have to go with the breasts though. You can do a lot more fun things with them...grins!!!


  4. I know I'm weird, but I don't like boobs all THAT much. Although I'm like Molly; bums are the sexiest!