Saturday, 9 July 2011

The Grand Slam Bet Winner

I have won our bet!

I know this is a bit late.  My head has been buried - literally - in someone's lap.

But - I do want my chance to gloat.

I was pleased to learn that the English word Gloat is possibly derived from the German word "glotzen", meaning, "to stare".  One of my favorite pastimes.

I prefer the Webster's Dictionary definition.

 "to look or glance at admiringly or amorously".

And so I shall be.

Staring at you.


While you are handcuffed and a tiny bit helpless.


While you are blindfolded, and my voice will be your eyes, Jules.  

While I devour you.

Which I will do, for 30 minutes and 59 seconds (you really need to learn how to negotiate, my love.)

4 weeks, my sweet love.  4 weeks till I collect.  Sunday seems like a good day to collect on a bet.  If I remember correctly, you were going to make me breakfast, and then we are going to have a lazy day.

I believe Skype will be down on that day.  Yes, I'm sure of it.

Now.  Sleep well my sweet love.  And remember...

Always and forever.  No matter what.   I win.  Even when I lose.  And you.


  1. What do you mean Skype will be down that day??
    Does that mean we dont get to watch you collect on your bet???

    No matter what...I am looking forward to reading the post AFTER the collection of the bet.

    xxxx Sass xxxxx

  2. Perfect post....I love the sentiment